Our coaching sessions are usually conducted over the telephone,

in the comfort of your home, to give you convenience,

flexibility and confidentiality.  We know it's difficult leaving the

house or finding someone to take care of your child.  It is also

cost effective, eliminating the expense and time of traveling

to an appointment.


Customized coaching programs are developed based on what's

best for our clients.  We design individualized plans which meet

our parents' needs.  By listening, observing and questioning, we

can help you gain different perspectives about yourself, your

child and personal situation. 


Coaching helps clarify your thoughts and feelings, so you can

discover the answers that are relevant to your life.  We can

help identify and resolve issues that are preventing or

"blocking" you from making positive and significant changes

in your life and that of your child.


Most coaching sessions are held for 60 minutes, once a week,

three times a month. However, some parents prefer to speak

more often during the week or month.  Coaching is most effective

with a minimum of a three month commitment.


All sessions are confidential.  Evening and weekend appointments

are available.