"The entire seminar was great.  It just reconfirms everything I was

thinking and how I can put my thoughts into action.  I would recommend

this seminar to other parents."     Jamila Carter


"I loved everything! Most helpful was your postivity, smile and honesty--

it makes such a difference to feel the hope.  I also loved the

safety and love.  Thank you!  Michele Pierce Burns


"Outlining steps and goals were most helpful to me.  And

understanding the parent's own spectrum -- it was great to

understand the emotions we're going through." 

                                           Andrea Odintz-Cohen


"I think each part of the program is important.  Also, when

you share your personal story and hear the stories of other

families."                              Terri Bailer


"The seminar put autism in a better perspective for me"

                                            Luis Quijano


"It helps that someone else understands and feels the same

way I do."                           Chrissy Pettway


"The seminar helped me to know that I can love

my son and separate him from autism."

                                           Margaret Bishop Boating




"The seminar gave me insight into the mindset and feelings of parents.

Getting a parent's perspective on how to speak with them about their

child was particularly helpful. I would recommend this seminar to

other therapists."                  Antonia Andrades, Speech Pathologist


"Understanding stages as a foundation for parents to stand firmly on was

particularly helpful.  Thank You!"   

                                           Diane Modrowski, LCSW, Social Worker


"Your entire presentation was wonderful.  You are one of the best

speakers we have had at our workshops over the last 13 years. 

Your sincerity and optimism shine through.  Everything was great."

                                           Linda O'Brien, Guidance Counselor

                                           NY Department of Education