Coaching Services


At YOUR AUTISM COACH, we know firsthand what you're going through. 

Raising a child with autism requires a considerable amount of skill, inner

strength and self-discipline to cope with all the demands placed on you. 

In addition, you have to struggle to find appropriate educational programs

and therapeutic services for your child.


However, we've found that one of the biggest challenges to managing

everything is not having anyone to talk to or share your deepest concerns

with.  And although, there are friends and family members, you may not

feel comfortable speaking to them about your true feelings.  Isolation can

become your worst enemy.  It's during these times that you need to

confide in someone you trust and can be honest with.


Coaching isn't psychotherapy.  We don't work on your past.  Our role is

to be "in the present" and move you forward, so you can focus on your

future.  At YOUR AUTISM COACH, coaching is a collaborative process

and based on a partnership.


Our coaching sessions can help you learn more about yourself and make the desired changes in your life that will benefit both you and your child.  We will partner and work with you to:

  • identify and implement personal and achievable goals
  • create positive, action plans
  • develop new skills and coping strategies
  • turn obstacles into opportunities
  • gain clarity and perspective