Your Autism Coach Founder

Deanna's Journey



"Your son has autism!"


Who would have thought four, little words could turn my life upside down and inside out?


My world fell apart when my son was diagnosed with autism.  The shock   was intense.  I couldn't eat, sleep or function normally.  The pain I felt was heart breaking.  I just knew that my little boy couldn't be autistic.


I met with several doctors and medical specialists and received second and third opinions.  I was desperately hoping that someone would tell me this was an awful mistake.  As I received more bad news and poor prospects for my son's future, I became very depressed.  I was also completely overwhelmed with taking care of my son and his needs, while working full-time and trying to maintain my sanity.


I took my son to meet with a myriad of professionals: physical, speech, occupational and behaviorial therapists.  I needed all of them because someone had to "fix" my son and get rid of his autism.


As time went on, I gradually realized what I really needed was someone to "fix" me.  I was dying on the inside while trying to be strong on the outside.


I talked to friends, family and clergy.  Everyone tried to be supportive and thoughtful, but it didn't help.  Sometimes, it made the situation even worse.  What I needed was someone who would really understand my reality and the pain I was in.


And that is why I started YOUR AUTISM COACH.  My mission is to provide a personal, coaching service that addresses the "real" concerns of parents with autistic and special needs children.


Parents have to be proactive about seeking treatment for their children, but also realistic to know they need help for themselves as well.


As a parent of a non-verbal, 18 year-old man, I know firsthand the unique challenges as well as special joys that come with raising a child with special needs.


Let me help you on your journey!


Deanna Picon, Founder