" Your Child Has Autism"


Those are the words no parent ever wants to hear.  Now, what do you do?  Who do you turn to for help?  Your world, as you knew it, has just fallen apart.  You're filled with so many overwhelming emotions.


  Why Me?                            Why did this happen to my child?

  Can I survive this?            How will my family handle this?   

  What happens now?         Will my life ever be the same?


At YOUR AUTISM COACH, we're here to support and let you know

you're not alone.  Parents often struggle with a diverse range of

emotions including anger, denial, blame, guilt, fear, depression and

acceptance. This is true for all parents, whether their child was

diagnosed recently or years ago.


Our goals are to provide you with a caring, independent sounding

board and serve as a resource for you.  Parents receive our undivided

attention, free of the distractions that may occur in group meetings.

We specialize in working with parents of newly diagnosed children.  

We also work with parents of young children, teenagers and adults.


Our comprehensive support programs includes individual, confidential

coaching sessions which address issues and concerns that are important

to you and your family.  We conduct our coaching sessions over the

telephone to give parents convenience, flexibility and privacy.

Being a parent is a hard job.  Raising a child with autism or special

needs is even harder.


Our seminars are designed to give parents coping strategies and

proven techniques to maintain a healthy emotional outlook. 


Our articles are featured in leading special needs publications including Autism Parenting Magazine, Exceptional Parent Magazine and Parenting Special Needs Magazine.

Every Child Is A "Special" Child.