"As a single mom with a daughter on the spectrum, I found this book not only useful and informative, but very inspiriing. I recommend it to all autism parents!"


                                                       Kim Quilty, Parent


"This book provided me with an insight as to how a parent might react and process the different emotions that occur with a new diagnosis of autism.  I would highly recommend this book to the parents of newly diagnosed children as well as children who have been diagnosed in the past year or so. 


I believe the book will give them a good perspective of the road ahead and comfort in knowing how others have dealt with the situation and not only survived but thrived."


                                                Dr. Sheryl Cohen

                                       Assistant Medical Director

                                      PM Pediatrics, Syosset, NY



"Reading the book enabled me to understand the mindset of parents of special needs children and adults.  I would highly recommend this book to other speech therapists, especially those who work in schools and come in contact with parents."


                                         Antonia Schroeder

                                         Speech Pathologist


"This is an easy to read and easy to navigate guide for parents of a child with ASD. Ms. Picon's advice can help bring about balance and quality of life --reminding parents of the importance of caring for themselves, having fun with their child, and being in the here and now all along the journey."


                                      Gary Lind

                                      Executive Director, AHRC NYC


"This book should be mandatory reading for all parents and professionals impacted by a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders or for that matter, with any disability.  It is the battle-plan leading to a place of sanity and joy that every family needs while supporting all their children."


                         Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.

                       Special Needs Consultant and Trainer


"Your book about the parents of children with autism has touched me in many ways.  The personal and the professional approach is truly the first comprehensive review of the family issues and how to meet the daily challenges and events.  The organization and presentation are excellent.


I have friends and colleagues who have told me of their family happenings. I was not able to understand  their daily issues around "couple time" and plans for building on the family's base of love and caring for each one another and personal challenges they faced with their son with autism.


Warm thanks to you, your family and the friends who have walked the journey with you."


                                Linda Snyder, MSW, LCWS

                                Director of Social Services

                               Bergen Regional Medical Center


"As a mother of two adult daughters, who have no special needs, I was surprised as to how much I related to the book.  This book could easily be about "parenting" for all parents.  But I was truly unaware of how much the parents of autistic children go through.  I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the amount of responsibility they carry.


I know these parents will benefit from reading the book because of the hope it inspires.  They will realize that parenting a child is challenging for most parents, so they are not much different from all of us.  But they can have a good life while raising their child and ultimately, that's what all parents want."


                                               Colleen Andrades